Jamie the Globetrotter




 Jamielee Brown is a final year student at the University of Technology, Jamaica, studying for a Bachelors of Arts degree in Communication Arts and Technology. She is an ambitious young Jamaican who enjoys writing her life story as though she is the protagonist of a novel, observing the world from as many angles as possible and helping other people to achieve their dreams.

When Jamielee isn't busy attending classes at the University of Technology, Jamaica, you can find her all over the beautiful island tasked with several missions in her daily journal. Johnny Wimbrey believed he would be successful long before he actually was successful and that is the same mentally that Jamielee has approached.

Throughout her College experiences, she learnt many lessons; from learning how to survive on 20 minutes sleep to being excited about passing a course with a C- (sounds embarrassing but it is better than failing). How can you forget SAVING? Yes! That is one major part of a College student's life - learning to budget. Out of all those lessons, Jamie's biggest lesson was learning to stay calm and humble in every situation. 

Being humble and staying humble is very important. 

Enough about her College life, she can see that you're getting bored reading it. Go check out her social life below.



What is life without a little "turn down for what"?  Beaches, clubs, street dances, dinners, movies and being adventurous are some of the things she likes. Jamie is a fun person to be around and of course she is going to tell you that she have a bubbly-one in a million personality. She is easy to talk to and friendly to an extent, not to mention kind and helpful. Hence, she is interested in volunteerism. There is no way you can attend an event with her and not have fun.

Jamie is miserable but she can be the sweetest little human alive. If she calls you her friend, best believe she is going to have your back 110% because she values her friendships and takes it serious.

Little on Jamie's Background

Jamielee grew up with her grandmother because her mother migrated when she was 4 years old and her father died when she was 7 years old. She learnt how to be responsible and how to manage her time wisely. She possesses good leadership qualities that make her suitable for any job position given. At the age of 21, Jamielee is on the right path to becoming successful. Her career path is to become a Travel Journalist, An Entrepreneur and a Flight Attendant by the age of 27.